Beyond Future Human Bodies

This project is part of the Ars Electronica Hackathon A.I.ECOSYSTEMS_: a series of Hands-on workshops, inspiration talks on the topic of A.I.

Our group focused of the topics of Queer, Robots, Human Race and Algotithms: New relationships of our body and technology. The Challenge: Training Aktivist Robots for Human Rights

Group 6: Beyond Human Future Bodies

scenario 1: Biohacking cheap versions therapies using A.I
scenario 2: The end of nature – Becoming a Cyborg

We chose the second scenario and explored what it means to have a human body, through the eyes of AI.

The progress was tracked in this website, you can see the Blog pages for more interesting outcomes.

The final project will be showcased on the 8th September at the Ars Electronica Festival A New Digital Deal in Linz and Online.

Project presentation –>

For a list of references in literature and tools see:

human body
human body